Gentlemen's Full-Size Bathroom Amenity Basket - Grey Herringbone

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Herringbone storage boxes are styled to create a polished, sophisticated look for your gentlemen’s guest amenities (see full list below)! Each box is crafted for durability and features a wooden handle with silver-tone hardware. Inside, a soft fabric lining protects contents. Inside, guests will have everything they need to stay clean, comfortable & fresh!

Professionally curated, hand packaged amenity basket.


Some items are individually packaged in heat-sealed, resealable, Mylar bags.

• 4 Advil Aspirin [Packets]

• 1 Band-Aids [Pack of 8]

• 3 Benadryl [Packets]

• 3 Pocket Combs [Individually Wrapped]

• 1 Jergens Body Lotion

• 2 Clear Eyes Eye Drops [Personal Syringes]

• 1 Designer Perfume/Cologne

• 1 Dove Spray Deodorant

• 15 Floss Picks [Individually Wrapped]

• 1 Box Gas-X

• 1 Lint Roller

• 4 Luden’s Cough Drops

• 3 Medicated Blister Bandaids

• 30 Mentos Mints [Individually Wrapped]

• 1 Mini Scissors

• 20 Safety Pins

• 1 Sewing Kit

• 3 Tide Wipes

• 1 TRE Semme Hairspray

• 1 Bottle Tums Antacid Chewable Tabs

• 5 Wrigley’s Winter Fresh Gum [5-Stick Packs]

• 1 Johnson’s Baby Powder

• 1 Shoe Polish Kit

BOX DIMENSIONS: 12-1/4" x 7-1/2" x 4-7/8" h


Amenity items are assembled in place for local delivery, before leaving our shop. Baskets are wrapped with ribbon.

For shipped orders, amenity items will be gently placed and arranged inside of the baskets, with any accent packaging provided within the shipment for easy self-assembly!

Standard mail orders (1-5 business days) ship free! Please contact us directly with special requests, or for expedited shipping/local deliveries (Long Island, NY):

All shipped baskets require assembly upon receipt.

Product brands & specifications may vary slightly based on market pricing & availability. We maintain the highest standard of quality in any necessary adjustments or substitutions!